Chicago Dog Walker: Why you need one!

As a member of your family, your sweet furry friend needs to be included in your family adventures; however, you may not always be able to provide the daily adventures he needs by yourself. There is always the option of finding a Chicago dog walker.

Like a human, your dog needs daily exercise and fresh air. It’s their instinct to migrate, and explore. It isn’t stimulating enough mentally, however, to just let them out for a potty break, or out to run around. Your dog is a very observant creature, in a way that he needs to investigate using all of his senses. This is why walking your dog is so important: mental stimulation as well as physical exercise.

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Benefits of hiring a Chicago dog walker

  • Managing an anxious dog– Walking with your dog provides comfort, communication, bonding, and obedience. It helps them to be less obsessive, and have less separation issues. Managing the excitement that is often associated with walking on busy streets in the loop, sometimes requires the expertise of a professional dog walker.
  • Socialization for your dog– A dog walker will not only help fulfill the need to get out and about for your dog, but also can help fill other needs, such as daily feedings, potty breaks, and interaction while you are away.
  • Having a schedule or routine for your dog– There are so many options when hiring a dog walker. You can chose the number of scheduled walks, times, and even holidays (if you are not able to bring him with you).

Life as a city dweller is a busy lifestyle, but it doesn’t exclude adding a furry friend to your life, even if you can’t physically be there during the day. Hire a trusted professional today, and work out a schedule with them. When you provide this interaction for your furry friend, not only will he be rewarded, but you and your family will also be greatly rewarded with a happy, obedient, and stimulated pup.

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