Training – Graduates


training-testimonial-page-replace-top-stock-image“Madeline has a complicated health history and defects in her eyes that made training a challenge and probably continues to her reactive behavior with other dogs.Judit was great-she worked with Madeline’s limitations and helped us overcome the situations we encounter everyday with other dogs in my building and neighborhood. It is a lot of work, but all training is work-you just have to have the faith to stick with it. I’ve seen definite improvements in Madeline’s overall behavior.” – Gina with Madeline

“The benefit for my Henry of this class is beyond measure. He is well behaved and loves to learn new things now!” –Phoebe with Henry

“Who knew you could see such a drastic changed in behavior in such a short period of time! Judit is outstanding and her teaching methods work wonders.”  –Carol with Benny

The reactive dog class was great. It taught us many strategies for making are walks with Miller more enjoyable. We look forward to continuing to work with him to continue his improvement.”–Chris & Marni with Miller

“Judit gave me the techniques to redirect my reactive dog. Walking him has become more enjoyable.” – Christine with Bandit

“We truly enjoyed the experience and class with Judit. Our dog loved and responded very well to all of the training. We’ll be back!” – Bryan & Jennifer with Ozzie

“This class (Beyond Basics) really helped me learn how to teach my dog to focus and pay attention. I enjoyed coming to class each week and looked forward to spending the time learning with Cubbie. Judit was friendly and helpful, but also professional.” –Amy with Cubbie

“When returning from a walk in Lincoln Park, Zebe wiggled himself loose out of his collar. Immediately, my husband began to get tense and in usual form Zebe took off running, thankfully away from the road back into the park. Treats in hand, I put on my happy face and began to run backwards. Zebe played a bit of cat and mouse — running close and then taking off. I continued to run backwards and then called front, treats in hand. AND HE CAME!!!! Now, I don’t recommend trying this on your own — my heart was pounding but I was thrilled that although he thought otherwise, he came to us. Thanks for the all the training tips, Judit.” — Elena with Zebe

“Bogart loves Judit and her “Back to Basics” class. As an 11 month Dalmatian, he’s so excited and very hard to restrain as we approach the training door each Saturday and his tail creates a backdraft as he wags it so hard. From learning Focus to Sit/Stay and Leave It to Down/Stay, Bogie and I built a stronger bond and understanding of each other and what we need to do to really enjoy being “best friends”. Judit is amazing in her training methods and patience and her love for each dog shines through. We so enjoyed this class and the dog friends that we made that Bogart and I have signed up for another one and we can’t wait.
In addition, I just want to say that the whole staff at DoGone Fun is terrific and Bogart looks so forward to his daycare days as well. Don’t know what I would do without all of you….” — Lynne with Bogart

“Morgan (the fearful) met Judit in September of 2008. When my husband and I adopted him in July of the same year we had no idea that a dog could experience such fear and have so many sensitivities. Judit is not only a great dog trainer she is a wonderful people trainer. She really cares about the whole “family” experience and our time with her has been invaluable. She has taught us how to deal with Morgan’s sensitivities and to recognize his drives, to be aware of our body language and to avoid placing any undue pressure on Morgan. Most importantly she has taught us that patience is definitely a virtue! Over the last 6 months Morgan has come on in leaps and bounds. Sometimes my husband and I are surprised at our training skills and Morgan’s attention to our direction. Morgan has definitely come to trust Judit and on days where we leave him for one on one sessions he becomes her surrogate “mom” and he follows her around just like he follows me around every day at home.” — Julie with Morgan

“Lily just loves her training sessions with Judit. Judit has really helped me understand and work with a much younger rescue dog by getting back to basics. I have taken two series of classes with Judit and Just registered for a third. Judit has always spent time answering my questions and emails and is an amazing trainer!” — Donna with Lily

“The Ivy League program was extremely helpful with our new puppy Baxter. He is so well mannered (for only being 5 months old) after working with Judit. Jason and I are now able to enjoy the time we spend with him much more now. Especially when we are outside and around other dogs. Baxter loves Judit too — his head and eyes perk up by just hearing her voice. We can’t say enough good things about this program and Judit! Thank you!” — Tiffanie and Jason with Baxter