Obedience Training

Obedience Training

7 weeks – $225

Your dog’s puppyhood is the most important period of his life. It is in their early stages that we want to teach them positive habits and build their confidence. Our comprehensive Puppy Pre-School covers all aspects of raising a puppy and proper socialization in the city. Learn how to build a positive relationship with you pup through training games and obedience exercises. Throughout the course, you and your pup will also be “tested” to become AKC’s STAR puppy.

  • House/crate training
  • How to stop your puppy’s biting
  • How to teach your puppy to focus and calm down
  • How to stop puppy from jumping on people
  • How to walk on a leash
  • How to build confidence around city noises
  • How to play well with other puppies
  • Sit/down and more

We will also cover all the behaviors needed to pass AKC’s S.T.A.R. Puppy program.

NOTE: Dogs do NOT attend 1st class!

BACK TO BASICS – Level I  7 weeks = $225

(5 months + older)

This course focuses on all basic behaviors your dog needs to become a well-mannered member of the family. Owners are also taught how to effectively communicate with their dogs and enhance their relationship through training games and more. Owners will learn how to train behaviors, properly use rewards and how to properly discipline their dogs to stop unwanted behaviors. All classes are kept small to maximize individual attention.

Topics include:

  • Attention and focus around distractions
  • How to calm your dog when excited
  • Coming when called
  • How to stop pulling on leash
  • How to stop dog from jumping on people
  • Leaving distractions and drop it

NOTE: Dogs do NOT attend 1st class!

Beyond Basics – Level II 7 weeks – $225

This class focuses on increasing your dog’s reliability by adding distractions, distance and duration. This additional class prepares your dog to respond when highly distracted during daily walks and visits to the park. Learn how to get your dog to listen when he is chasing a distraction, greeting their favorite person or dog, focusing on a squirrel even when you are far away from them.

Come & Take a Walk 7 weeks – $225

Your dog will learn the two critical behaviors every dog needs in a busy city: a reliable recall and walking on a loose leash. This 7-week class will teach you and your dog how to address problems such as not coming when called, running away, pulling, and distraction training when outside in real world situations. The class is set up to take place both in the training facility and outside in nearby parks.

NOTE: Dogs do NOT attend 1st class!