Ivy League

Ivy League

Ivy League Program 4 weeks (Mon-Thur)/$1100

This individualized program offers a consistent training experience and takes the pressure off you, the owner. This approach is very valuable for new puppies that need to learn basic manners, or an adult dog that needs consistent daily training. The duration of the Ivy League program allows the trainer to customize lessons and reinforce desired behaviors to achieve your specific goals.The trainer meets with each owner for an hour each week to demonstrate your dog’s progress and offer tips for reinforcing the new good behavior.

Board ‘N’ Train $60/day (Plus the cost of boarding)

While you are away your dog gets to play and learn! Your dog is taken out of the play group each day for one-on-one training. A program is customized to meet the behavior goals for your dog. Four Board ‘N’ Train days include a one hour meeting with you to showcase your canine companion’s progress.

Daytime Training $60/day (Plus the cost of daycare)

Let the professionals teach your dog in short fun lessons throughout the day based on your goals. In between training sessions, your dog will play with friends.

  • 5 Lesson Package – $290
  • 10 Lesson Package – $570
  • 15 Lesson Package – $840