Agility is a sport that builds confidence, as well as the bond between dog and handler. Agility can be great for bringing shy dogs out of their shell, and it gives rambunctious dogs a job to do to channel that extra energy.

Positive, motivational techniques are used to teach all skills. Dogs should already know sit, down and have a recall. This class is open to dogs of all ages.

Agility I 6 weeks

Beginner agility covers the basic handling skills. You will learn the foundations of communicating with your dog, the goal being to complete a 12 obstacle course by the 6th week of class! Dogs learn to navigate obstacles with confidence, including the tire, tunnel, table, and jump (at low height). After this six week course, you and your dog will be ready to enjoy the next level of Agility!!!

Agility II 6 weeks

Agility II is where you and your dog can take the Agility basics and run with them! Since the class can accommodate dogs and owners with a range of Agility experience, there is a rotating curriculum to ensure that everyone learns something new. Each class is tailored to the abilities of the participants. Obstacles explored include weave poles, rear crosses, broad jumps, increased jump height, working at a distance, obstacle discrimination, lateral lead-outs, and more.

Must have completed at least 6 weeks of the Agility I. Agility II graduates are encourage to enroll multiple times to hone their skills.

*Please note: Training fees do not include the cost of daycare and/or boarding. Proof of vaccinations is required prior to training. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required for group classes. $5 off group classes for adopted dogs (proof of adoption is required). If you miss a group class, makeup classes are available for an additional fee of $25 for 30 min.