Puppy Introduction Program

Puppy Introduction Program

Puppy Introduction Program $20-$45

Introduce your puppy to grooming so their perception will be that a bath or cut/style is a positive experience rather than negative.


  • Your puppy will first be given an opportunity to meet everyone as well as explore the salon area (Please, feel free to bring your puppy in as many times as you like prior to the first visit to help facilitate this process).
  • We will do as much of the basics as your puppy can tolerate.
  • Your puppy will be given a 2-3 cycle bath.
  • Your puppy will be dried using a variety of dryers based on your pup’s tolerance level.
  • Your puppy will have its ears cleaned and nails tipped.
  • Your puppy will be brushed and combed as tolerated.
  • If applicable, your puppy will receive a light face/eye trim, sanitary clip, and pad trimming and rounding of the feet.
  • Your puppy will be introduced to the sounds and sensations of all other tools and equipment needed to complete a full groom. As we do this, we will assess any anxiety or fears and formulate a plan to desensitize and train your puppy tolerance and patience.
  • The fees are $25-45 through 5 months of age. After 5 months, the fees will increase as the puppy grows and we are able to spend greater amounts of time styling until an adult price is reached.
  • Properly introducing puppies to the grooming process can help eliminate and avoid future negative feelings or fear of the overall process.
  • The best time to start this process is after the puppy has received at least their first round of vaccinations, typically around 12-16 weeks old
  • This program is intended to introduce your young puppy to the grooming process at a pace that THEY ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.

Note: Even though our preference is to get puppies introduced and trained within their first 5 months, dogs over 5 months of age who have not been properly introduced to grooming will be handled much the same way as our younger puppies, but at a different fee scale.