Spa-Grooming Artists

Grooming Artists

Dan – Grooming Manager, CMG, CAH

In addition to building a loyal clientele, Dan has received recognition in national grooming competitions. In order to perfect his craft, he has completed courses in canine training and behavior modification, breed specific grooming styles, recognizing and topically conditioning coat and skin conditions, and interpreting product ingredients necessary for proper choice and application of natural products.

Dan’s primary concern is the fair, humane and compassionate treatment of every dog under his care. His grooming style, policies and procedures, as well as employee selection and training strive to accomplish the most stress-free grooming experience as possible. Dan developed and teaches the Grooming Progam through Animal Career Academy as well as the core class Dogs & the Human Bond. Dan is also a featured speaker annually at national grooming conferences.

Nina-Bathing Technician

Nina has worked with dogs in a kennel, shelter and as a dog walker/pet sitter. Prior to coming to DGF Nina was trained on how to deal with a spectrum of dog behaviors. She appreciates dogs’ innocence and that every dog really just appreciates love and companionship. For Nina, working with dogs doesn’t feel like “work”. She really enjoys her time with them.
Nina owns a Maltese, Flo, a snake, Lily, and a Gecko, Masiayo.


Jacki started at Dogone Fun as an intern through Animal Career Academy in 2011. Jacki was already working as a bather/groomer at another dog daycare facility at the time, but wanted to increase her skills and confidence. Prior to working in grooming, Jacki was a kennel attendant for 5 years.

Jacki came to Dogone Fun as an employee in 2013. Jacki loves getting to work with dogs while at the same time be creative. Jacki’s favorite thing about dogs is their unconditional love.

Jacki has two dogs of her own, Mack, a Bulldog-Pit mix, and Monkey, a Boston Terrier.

Matt- Groomer

Matt joined DGF in 2015 as a bather/groomer. He was eager to learn more about grooming and quickly realized that Dan, our grooming manager, could teach him a lot. Since starting with us, Matt has learned a lot, which definitely shows on the dogs he grooms each week.

Matt grew up with a variety of dogs. His favorite pet was a family dog named Brownie. He really enjoys working with dogs and feels he has learned a lot about handling them and modifying their behavior through positive reinforcement. Matt believes when he gets involved with something, he needs to be “all in, never halfway”, which certainly shows in the quality of his grooming.

Bathing Technicians

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