Spa – A la carte

A la Carte Services

Theraputic Dog Massage

Available when accompanying a bath/style.

Gland Attention with Bath $12

Teeth Brushing with Bath $6

Aroma Therapy (Chillout, Anti-Anxiety) $6

Nail Buff $6

Nail Color $8-$15

Paw Massage and Pad Treatment $6

Walk with Bath/Style (Mandatory after 6 hours) $5

Special Treatment Shampoos $6-$8 ea

Medicated, Oatmeal, Emu Oil, Elk Velvet, Deep Conditioning Aloe, Cactus, Stinky Dog, Deskunk, Deflea and Tick, Tar and Sulphur or Prescription.

Blueberry Facial $7

A natural, tearless product that gently helps decrease tear and saliva stains.

Blueberry Body Wash $10-$15

A natural tearless product that gently brightens white and light colored coats.

Available when NOT accompanying a bath.

Nail Trim $15

Nail Trim & Buff $18

Nail Color $15-$25

Pretty Paws $25

Nail trim, buffing and paw massage.

Pretty Paws Deluxe $45

Nail trim, buffing, paw massage, pad hair removal and feet trimmed.

Ear Cleaning $15

Ear Cleaning with Ear Hair Plucking $20

Gland Attention $30

Teeth Brushing $10