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Dog Grooming
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Keeping your dog clean and well-groomed is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. DoGone Fun offers several dog grooming services that are handled by our trained and skilled professional groomers.

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  • How Is DoGone Fun’s Dog Grooming Different Than Big Box Store Groomers?

    DoGone Fun offers several advantages over having dog grooming done at a big box store. At our facility, we have a team of trained dog groomers and bathers available. Both the groomers and bathers receive continuing education as part of their requirements for employment. We can also do customized trims that don’t involve a full haircut or styling session. You can request a certain style for your dog, or our groomers can style your dog based on breed specifications. We also offer massages and puppy introduction programs to help dogs feel at ease with being groomed. Our shed management and matt removal services help prevent dogs from needing extensive grooming done at each visit.

  • Is Dog Grooming Just a Bath and Haircut?

    At DoGone Fun, dog grooming is more than getting a bath or having a haircut. We also offer a wide range of a-la-carte dog grooming services. In fact, your dog doesn’t need to be bathed or get a haircut in order to have some of our a-la-carte grooming services done.

    Some of the a-la-carte services we offer with baths include:

    • Teeth brushing
    • Gland attention
    • Nail buff
    • Nail color
    • Aroma therapy for anxiety
    • Paw massage and pad treatment
    • Walk with bath or haircut
    • Special treatment shampoos, such as medicated, deep conditioning aloe, oatmeal, deflea and tick, prescription or cactus
    • Blueberry facial or body wash for making white or lighter coats brighter

    Some of the a-la-carte services we offer that do not require a bath include:

    • Nail trim
    • Nail trim and buff
    • Nail color
    • Pretty Paws that includes a nail trim, buffing and paw massage
    • Pretty Paws Deluxe that includes a nail trim, nail buffing, paw massages, hair removal on pads and hair trimming on feet
    • Ear cleaning
    • Ear cleaning with ear hair plucking
    • Gland attention
    • Teeth brushing
  • What Are the Requirements to Have Your Dog Groomed?

    To help keep all dogs at our facility safe, we have a few vaccine requirements. Your dog must have updated rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccinations in order to get our dog grooming services.

  • What Can I Expect When DoGone Fun Grooms My Dog?

    Your overall experience with dog grooming at DoGone Fun depends on the kinds of services your dog is getting. A simple bath might only require an hour, while a full haircut or style can take a few hours if your dog has a thicker coat or a coat that needs special care. Each of our groomers has experience and training in working with different types of coats, dog breeds and temperaments. Keep in mind that the amount of time grooming will take will depend on a few different factors, such as your dog’s size, haircut and coat type.

    If desired, you can bring in your own dog shampoo for us to use. Although you can watch your dog being groomed through a glass window, some dogs become too excited when they are able to see their owners watching them.

    We encourage you to bring in a photo of the haircut or style you would like for your dog. This helps our groomers to make sure that they are cutting or styling your dog’s hair the way you want.

    When it comes to drying, you don’t have to worry about heated drying cages, which can be hazardous. At DoGone Fun, we dry dogs by hand instead. If needed, we have a safe area with a circulating fan to help dogs dry off faster.

    If you prefer a certain dog groomer, we can arrange to have that groomer take care of your dog at each visit. This can help ensure that your dog feels as comfortable as possible while being groomed.

  • What Areas Does DoGone Fun Service?

    DoGone Fun offers dog grooming services for dogs throughout Chicago. We provide these services at our centrally located facility in the heart of Chicago’s South Loop. Some of the communities we serve include the following:

    • Chinatown
    • East Pilsen
    • Greektown
    • Heart of Chicago
    • Hyde Park
    • Near South Side
    • Pilsen
    • Prairie District
    • South Loop
    • University Village

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