Boarding – Staff

Kennel Staff

Anna – Kennel Manager

Anna started with us as a caregiver in 2006. She has completed the core classes at Animal Career Academy and mentored under our Dog Behaviorist, Judit. Anna continually seeks ways to further her knowledge of dogs and their behaviors. Her degree in psychology is evident when you watch Anna work with dogs. She is always trying to figure out what’s going on in the dogs’ minds, so she can better relate to them.

Anna is also now one of our dog trainers,highly respected by clients for her knowledge and compassion for dogs. Her dedication to helping dogs is further shown by her volunteer commitment to leading Safe Humane Chicago play groups for abandoned dogs at Animal Care and Control evenings and weekends. Her experience has taught her great patience and empathy for each dog and their idiosyncrasies. Dogs just love Anna because of her obvious passion for them.


Keith joined DoGone Fun as a caregiver in February of 2007. Keith has been a supervisor with us for 5 years and also has taught Dog Agility for 2-1/2 years. He quickly realized that his prior experience as a child caregiver for park district camps translated well to the doggie daycare setting. Keith has continued to expand his knowledge of dogs through classes at the Animal Career Academy and Judit, our dog behaviorist, as well as mentoring under Stacey Hawk to learn dog agility skills.

Keith’s dog Zero needed a way to channel his robust energy, so Keith started taking Zero to Stacey Hawk’s agility classes. Both Zero and Keith fell in love with the sport and have continued to practice weekly and now compete in local meets. Keith now also teaches agility at DoGone Fun Keith has a keen sense for the individual needs of each dog to be comfortable and happy at DoGone Fun.


Charles has been working with dogs since 1993 in various roles, including bathing, walking, kennel attendant, vet tech, play lot caregiver, and supervisor. He is extremely knowledgeable about dog communication signals and behaviors. One of Charles’ greatest attributes is his calm and steadiness in any situation. He has a very thorough understanding of dog behavior as a species and individually. The dogs and staff love Charles. He is DoGone Fun’s Dog Loving Lord of the Lot!


Katherine came to us in May 2013 through her studies to become a dog trainer with Judit Arroyo, CPDT-KA, at Animal Career Academy. Katherine has had a passion for dogs her entire life which is evident in her work both as a student and as part of our staff. By joining our staff as a caregiver, she has been able to significantly increase her knowledge of dogs and dog behavior while continuing her studies to become a dog trainer. Katherine has a great knowledge of dogs. She is particularly good at sensing the unique needs of each dog.


Tyler worked as a Kennel Manager at Best Friends before moving to DoGone Fun to join our crew in 2014. Tyler has had a dog of his own since he was 4. He was excited to join DGF because of the additional education we make available for staff. He is very patient and always has a caring attitude towards the dogs. His favorite thing about dogs is their energy and eagerness to be affectionate.


Veronica has previously volunteered at PAWS and assisted a horse trainer for 7 years. You can see the true love Veronica has for the dogs while she is is on the playlot. She even says her favorite thing about her playmates is how they keep her constantly entertained with their quirks and personalities.