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dog boarding and daycare staff

Keith joined DoGone Fun as a caregiver in February of 2007. Keith has been a supervisor with us for 5 years and also has taught Dog Agility for 2-1/2 years. He quickly realized that his prior experience as a child caregiver for park district camps translated well to the doggie daycare setting. Keith has continued to expand his knowledge of dogs through classes at the Animal Career Academy and Judit, our dog behaviorist, as well as mentoring under Stacey Hawk to learn dog agility skills.

Keith’s dog Zero needed a way to channel his robust energy, so Keith started taking Zero to Stacey Hawk’s agility classes. Both Zero and Keith fell in love with the sport and have continued to practice weekly and now compete in local meets. Keith now also teaches agility at DoGone Fun Keith has a keen sense for the individual needs of each dog to be comfortable and happy at DoGone Fun.


Charles has been working with dogs since 1993 in various roles, including bathing, walking, kennel attendant, vet tech, play lot caregiver, and supervisor. He is extremely knowledgeable about dog communication signals and behaviors. One of Charles’ greatest attributes is his calm and steadiness in any situation. He has a very thorough understanding of dog behavior as a species and individually. The dogs and staff love Charles. He is DoGone Fun’s Dog Loving Lord of the Lot!


Katherine came to us in May 2013 through her studies to become a dog trainer with Judit Arroyo, CPDT-KA, at Animal Career Academy. Katherine has had a passion for dogs her entire life which is evident in her work both as a student and as part of our staff. By joining our staff as a caregiver, she has been able to significantly increase her knowledge of dogs and dog behavior while continuing her studies to become a dog trainer. Katherine has a great knowledge of dogs. She is particularly good at sensing the unique needs of each dog.


Tyler worked as a Kennel Manager at Best Friends before coming to us and joined the DoGone Fun family in 2014. Tyler has had a dog of his own since the small age of 4. Wanting to give the best care to his fur siblings Tyler tried to soak up any information on dogs he could since an early age and throughout the years he has not stopped. He was excited to join DGF because of the additional education we have available to our staff. He has endless patience and is very caring towards the dogs. He loves dogs for their eagerness to give and receive affection. Tyler’s friendly and caring demeanor make him an ideal Supervisor, so if you have any questions or concerns his more than willing to help.


Veronica can to DGF in 2014 from the horseracing industry where she was primarily responsible for exercising Quarter Horse racers. Needing a change after too many close calls Veronica decided to go back to her first love, dogs! Always happy to help make life better for all animals, she has volunteered, fostered and helped homed everything from hamsters to retired racehorses. But nothing made her happier than being surrounded by playful and loving dogs, thus she joined our family. Veronica is the exhausted guardian of Bella a rescued Pitbull, Cricket a temperamental pony, Sage a gentle handicapped mare, Achilles a gorgeous Andalusian stallion and her two partners in life Red John a half Andalusian stallion and her pride and joy Booger a 5lbs Maltese mix and the best trail dog in the state. Veronica is now a Supervisor at DGF and if you ever want to chat she is here for you and your pup.


Melissa has worked with dogs since she was 16 years old. First as a CACC volunteer for 5 years, then professionally for 11 years. A passionate dog advocate who believes there is no such thing as a bad dog just a misunderstood one which given the chance and care any dog can become a great companion. She is the proud parent of one human daughter and three spoiled slightly overweight Bulldogs, Maui, Kyubey, Kyoko and one anti-social Dutch Shepherd Lila. A trusted kennel staff member, if you ever need to know how your baby is doing in the kennel Melissa can help answer any concerns.


Yvette’s love for dogs began as a small child while visiting her grandparent’s farm in Mexico. Fascinated by the village dogs role as a working valued family member and the close partnership between human and dog, she decided at that age she wanted nothing more than to work with dogs. Yvette strongly believes that all a dog needs to be happy and well-adjusted is love and a job! You can see her on the playlot keeping the pups active and busy, so you take home a tired happy dog. Yvette is the frustrated Mom of two very stubborn Daschunds, Rocket and LLyod.


Irma started working with dogs professionally at the age of 19 and has continued to state there is no better job than cuddling dogs all day long. Irma knew from an early age that she had an affinity for animals, coming from a passionate animal lover household she learned early on to respect and care for her fellow four-legged friends. Irma’s big heart has taken in many animals needing a home throughout the years and is currently kept busy caring for four very opinionated cats (don’t tell the DFG dogs), two smelly but affectionate ferrets (kisses will forgive you anything) and her two dog babies Ajax and Alic which she spoils a little too much. Irma loves dogs because even though they are all individuals with their own personalities their capacity for love is all the same, endless.


antonio- dog daycare staffAntonio came to DoGone Fun through Safe Humane as a student volunteer. His enthusiasm for dogs made him an ideal DGF candidate so in 2015 he became a full time staff member. Antonio has continued his work with Safe Humane and is now a board member of their Auxiliary Board. In 2017 he adopted Jazzy a very energetic Jack Russel and Pitbull mix who had a rough start on life, she had previously been adopted and returned three times to Safe Humane. Antonio was her last chance. Jazzy is now a well behaved thriving happy girl. You can sometimes see her on the play lot having a great time running around with her DGF friends.


dogboarding and daycare staffWill has lived with dogs his whole life. His family are passionate dog lovers. From an early age, Will helped his aunt care for her high energy farm raised Wheaten Terriers. Will quickly learned the importance of exercising your dogs and made working with dogs his life goal. He loves how attuned dogs are to people’s emotions and how they can help you overcome tough times. Will is truly gentle and soft-spoken which makes dogs gravitate towards him.


dog barding and dog daycare staff memberLiz joined our DGF family in March 2017. She can to us with many years of dog daycare experience. Liz is currently in school and hopes to become a vet, but in the meantime, she is more than happy to spend her days with dogs and learning all she can about how to care for them. Liz is the proud parent of two overly excited rescued Pitbull Terriers, Troubles who lives up to his name and the boss of the house Roxy.


Suzy recently joined our DGF family. Her first job was working with dogs at the age of 17 and she has never wanted to do anything else since. Daughter of a retired Chicago police officer Suzy grew up with working German Shepherds and learned from her father’s side how to care and work with such an intelligent breed. She will tell there is nothing worst then a bored working breed. She currently has two Shepherds, Princess and King who are treated as their name implies, royalty! Suzy also recently adopted Toby a feisty Chihuahua. Toby had lived as a stray for quite some time, he was malnourished and very fearful of humans. Now he is a happy squirming little boy thanks to Suzy’s love and care. Suzy has made it her life’s mission to help as many dogs she can in her lifetime.


dogboarding and daycare staffRecently relocated from Washington State, Summer came to Chicago to study Television Scriptwriting. Summer first job was at a Veterinary Hospital where she learned a great deal about dog care. During college, she gained more experience working for a self-service dog grooming. Unfortunately, Summer had to leave her family dog Jack Daniels back home with her parents when she moved here, for now, she gets all the comfort she needs from our affectionate DGF dogs. That is why she loves working with dogs, they make her happy and the simplest things make them happy. Their joy at seeing you grips the heart and makes the worst days better.