Added Luxuries

Added Luxuries upon Request

House Food $2/cup

Biscuits at Bedtime $1/Nap

Gourmet Biscuits at Bedtime $3

Frozen Yogurt Treat (Great for Summer Heat!) $3

Kong® Stuffed with Goodies  at Bedtime$3

Medications 1 pill 2x daily FREE,

Multiple Pills$3/day, Pill pocket or food agent required

Extraordinary medications or sanitation $5/day

15 Minute Outside Walk $10

Freshen-up Service with Dry Shampoo $10/$15

Small and medium dogs are $10. Large dogs are $15.

Home Cooked Sunday Brunch $5

Home Cooked Holiday Dinner $5

Extra-Comfy Beds $5/Visit

One-on-One Cuddle Time $6/Night