Other dog boarding near me is less expensive than DoGone Fun, why rates are more expensive?

Why are DoGone Fun rates more expensive
than other kennels?

When you need to board your dog, choosing a place that offers the lowest rates and the most convenience isn’t always the best option. Some people believe that doing a search, such as dog boarding near me, will bring up the best results and save them time and trouble. Instead, they find out that the boarding facility that’s conveniently close to them and charges low rates also has disadvantages. There might not be any staff around during the evenings and weekends, or it might not offer playtime.

At DoGone Fun, our rates are higher than other boarding facilities, but that’s because we have much more to offer. These are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy when boarding your dog with us:

  • Tons of playtime: You can sign your dog up for 8.5 hours of playtime during the week and on Saturdays while you’re gone, as well as 6 hours of playtime on Sundays. That’s quite a bit of time for your dog to get some exercise and play with other pups.
  • Trained staff: Our staff have the training and experience needed to keep dogs healthy and happy while they’re away from home. Our staff members are also committed to continuing their education on a regular basis, making them even more knowledgeable about working with dogs.
  • Staff on-site at all times: We have personnel on-site 24/7, so you never have to worry about your dog’s well-being. Our personnel ensure that all of our dogs are taken care of and are able to provide immediate assistance in case of sickness or another emergency.
  • Perks: Your dog gets his very own polar fleece blanket in his kennel every night to keep him warm and cozy. You can also request other perks for an additional fee, such as treats at bedtime, a Kong stuffed with goodies, special grooming services and one-on-one cuddle time at night.
  • Close monitoring: When your dog is in our care, we’ll keep track of his elimination schedule, feeding schedule and interactions with other dogs. We’ll share that report with you whenever you want an update on how your dog is doing or when you come to pick him up. We’ll also honor special requests, such as administering medication.

Before you do a search for dog boarding near me, consider all that we have to offer at DoGone Fun. Our rates might be higher, but you’re getting more for your money.

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