If my dog is in boarding, is here a way to see him on the internet?

Can I watch my dog play?

Having your dog stay under someone else’s care when you travel can make you feel anxious. Even when you take time to find exceptional dog boarding in Chicago IL, not being able to actually see how your dog is doing might make you uneasy. You might wonder if she’s having fun or if she’s feeling stressed at all. With that in mind, DoGone Fun makes it possible for you to check in on your dog while she boards with us.

We provide webcam access that lets you see your dog while she takes part in our playtime sessions. You’ll be able to watch her being silly and running around with other dogs, which should help set your mind at ease. Since we offer 8.5 hours of playtime on weekdays and Saturdays and 6 hours of playtime on Sundays, that gives you plenty of time to see your pup in action. Our webcams provide you with views of our outdoor and indoor play areas, so you can see what your dog is up to. She might be burning off energy while romping around with other dogs, or she might be busy exploring every inch of our play areas with her nose. Either way, she’ll have a great time and a chance to stay active while she’s boarding.

Not all facilities that offer dog boarding in Chicago IL offer webcam service, so keep that in mind when deciding where you want your dog to go. Also, note that we have staff on-site around-the-clock in addition to webcam access, so you’ll know that your dog is being watched over and cared for the entire time. Just make sure you sign up for playtime sessions and bring your dog in for an assessment before boarding her if you want to make sure you can see her. Our webcam access only offers views of the play areas, not the kennels.

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