I need to board more than one dog, can they stay together?

Can my dogs stay together?

When you have two or more dogs that need somewhere to stay while you’re away, you might worry that they’ll be placed in separate kennels. You might also worry that these kennels won’t even end up being next to each other. If your dogs act like best buddies when they’re at home, it’s understandable that you would want them to stay together in a boarding facility. They’ll both be in an unfamiliar place and under someone else’s care while you’re gone, which might make them feel anxious or upset. Having them stay in the same kennel can help them both feel calm and relaxed.

When you’re boarding more than one dog, DoGone Fun allows you to have them stay in one kennel if you prefer. If you have larger dogs, they can at least stay in kennels that are next to each other if there’s not enough room for them in one. We understand that allowing this helps make your dogs’ stay a more pleasant and less stressful experience overall. Your dogs have each other to provide comfort and a sense of familiarity, which is even more important if one or both of your dogs tends to be the anxious type. Being together can also make playtime more fun for your dogs, since they’ll have plenty of time to run around together.

At DoGone Fun, we offer a discounted rate for your second dog and any other family dogs that will be staying in the same kennel. If you prefer to have your dogs stay near each other but in different kennels, you’ll pay the standard boarding rate for each dog per night. If you’ll be boarding more than one dog, just let us know ahead of time, so we can make sure that we have kennels available that are big enough to accommodate your dogs if they’ll be staying in the same one. Keep in mind that we have treats and activities available for your dogs to make their stay even more enjoyable.

Knowing that your dogs are snuggled up together at night can help put your mind at ease, too, while you’re away from them. You won’t have to worry about how they’re handling being away from home. It also means that you’ll be coming back to dogs that are happy and content instead of anxious and stressed out from being away from home.

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