If I’m boarding a dog, should I bring a blanket from home?

Should I bring his favorite toy or blanket?

Staying away from home and being away from you can be tough for your dog, especially if she’s never boarded before. Even when you find the best dog boarding Chicago has to offer, your dog might need a bit of help settling into her temporary home away from home.

Good boarding facilities for dogs encourage owners to bring their dog’s bed and a toy or two with them. At DoGone Fun, we understand the importance of making dogs feel as comfortable as possible when they’re staying in a new environment. Having familiar objects around helps your dog experience less stress and separation anxiety, which means she’ll be less likely to bark, refuse to eat, chew or exhibit other behavioral issues.

Bringing your dog’s favorite blanket to our dog boarding facility gives her a familiar piece of home to help comfort her. Since she’s used to sleeping comfortably with her blanket, she might have an easier time adjusting to staying in an unfamiliar place. Keep in mind, though, that we do give our boarding dogs a fresh, clean polar fleece blanket to snuggle with every night. We also offer extra-comfy beds for an additional fee, as well as one-on-one cuddle time to help your dog get settled in for the night at our state-of-the-art pet boarding facility.

Having a favorite toy or two around provides your dog with something to play with when she’s in her kennel. Being able to chew on or play with one of her toys can help her relieve any anxiety or stress she might be feeling. At DoGone Fun, we also offer Kong toys stuffed with treats for an extra fee. These toys are great for keeping your dog occupied as she tries to figure out how to get the treats. If you decide to get these, we’ll give one to your dog at night when she’s back in her kennel. We also have biscuits at bedtime available for a small fee, which can help your dog adjust to her stay by giving her something rewarding to look forward to each night.

When you choose the best dog boarding Chicago offers, you can rest assured that your dog will be made to feel right at home. At DoGone Fun, we welcome you to bring treats, toys and other items from home that will help your dog feel more relaxed during her stay with us.

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