Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

dog boarding

Treat your dog to a vacation while you’re out of town!

Do you feel guilty about leaving your dog while you’re away traveling? No problem!
Your dog will be playing 8-1/2 hours/day with other dog companions and our dog passionate caregivers.

Why board your dog at DoGone Fun?
  • Best trained staff in the city:
    • 60+ hours of hands-on dog behavior/play group management training
    • 40+ hours of classroom dog behavior/training theory and breed knowledge
    • Kennel workers have additional 60 hours of training specific to kennel procedures, medications and injections.
  • Personnel on site 24/7
  • 5000 sqf immaculately clean play lots both inside and outside
  • 8.5 hours of play time Monday-Saturday; 6 hours on Sundays
  • Webcam access during times dogs are out to play
  • Detailed record keeping of food consumption/elimination/medication/requested services
  • Reservations not required except for peak holiday periods.
  • If you plan on boarding your dog with us over the holidays, please do not hesitate to schedule a temperament assessment as early as possible. Our schedule tends to fill up quickly around these times and we’d love to meet your dog!*
We welcome you to come take a tour of our entire facility.

Come in any time for a tour of our entire facility. For more information, contact us.