Your Yard Has Gone To The Dogs

dog at daycare

When you have a yard, your dog has a good place to run around and explore. If you plan on letting your dog stay out there for long periods of time when it’s nice out, consider making some changes to it. You can make your yard more dog-friendly with the following ideas.

Shelter and Shade

Your dog will need areas of shade to escape from the sun’s rays when it’s warm out. Having a sheltered area also provides a place for dogs to go if it starts raining. Consider adding a gazebo to your yard, depending on how much space you have. A gazebo is a free-standing structure that your dog can go to for shade or shelter from the rain while he’s playing outside.

If space is limited, you can add an awning or canopy to the exterior of your home. This provides a covered spot for your dog to go for shelter and shade. Keep in mind that there are retractable awnings available if you don’t want an awning open all the time.

Trees and Plants

If you plan on using trees and plants as forms of shelter and shade, be careful about the types you plant. Avoid any plants that are toxic to dogs, especially if your dog spends time outdoors unsupervised. You should also choose trees, bushes and plants that can handle being bumped into while your dog is running around.

Other Options

What happens if you don’t have a yard to make more dog-friendly or if you work all day and can’t let your dog play out there for hours? Doggy Daycare offers a great solution to this problem. You can drop your dog off at doggy daycare for hours of fun and excitement with other dogs. This lets your dog burn off energy during the day when you’re at work while also getting to be social and make new friends.

If you’re thinking of signing your dog up for doggy daycare, contact DoGone Fun. We provide a safe area for dogs to play in with constant supervision.