Signs That Your Dog Needs More Exercise

fat dog
It’s difficult getting yourself to the gym, let alone making sure the dog gets exercised too. If you’re regularly walking your dog, or you schedule time at a doggy daycare, he still might not be getting the exercise he needs. Being overweight or out of shape is a clear sign that your dog could use more exercise, but it’s not the only one. Your dog might be in shape but exhibiting behavioral signs associated with boredom or frustration. These issues indicate that your dog isn’t getting as much regular physical activity as she should.

Trying to Get Your Attention

If your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, she might bark excessively or paw your arm in order to get your attention. She might also whine, shove her nose into your arm or leg and bring a ball or other toy over to you. Many dogs do this from time to time when they want to play, but a dog that does these things frequently is a bored one who needs to burn off energy.

Destroying Things Around the House

Your dog might resort to chewing up different items in your home or scratching at the door if she isn’t getting enough exercise. While separation anxiety is another possible explanation, try giving your dog more opportunities to exercise first. If she’s destroying things out of boredom and excess energy, she should stop once she’s able to run around and play more.

Playing Rough

If your dog could use more physical activity, she might exhibit this by engaging in rough play. She might become overly excited or rough while playing with you, or she might nip at you. If play sessions with your dog keep turning into all-out wrestling matches, that indicates that she needs better ways to burn off energy.

Pacing Around the House

Your dog might show signs of restlessness when she’s not getting enough physical activity. She might pace from room to room or start running throughout the house at top speed from time to time. Pacing or running indoors means that she’s coping with boredom and needs more physical stimulation.

If you notice any of these signs, make sure your dog gets more exercise every day. Bring her out to the yard to run around, take her for longer walks and play with her inside on rainy days. Having her go to a doggy day care facility is also a great way to relieve boredom or restlessness. Your dog will have several other dogs to play with and a chance to burn off energy for a good part of the day, which will help wear her out.