Keeping Your Senior Dog Active

Senior Dog

Senior dogs might have trouble being as physically active as they used to, but it’s still important to make sure they get regular exercise, whether that is a day at doggy day care or a gentle walk after work. Physical activity can help keep your senior dog in good shape and lower his risk of developing a wide range of health issues, including heart disease. Helping your dog maintain a healthy weight can also relieve discomfort if he suffers from arthritis. There are several ways to keep your senior dog active and healthy on a regular basis.

Indoor Fun

When the weather isn’t cooperating, your dog can still get plenty of exercise inside. Provide your senior dog with treat-filled puzzle toys to keep him physically and mentally active. You can also have your dog walk up and down stairs with you, as long as he doesn’t have any conditions that affect his mobility. If your dog can’t use stairs, set up low ramps around your home to help him move around. Being able to get around more easily will encourage your senior dog to walk around more, rather than staying in one spot for most of the day.

Outdoor Excitement

Your senior dog can enjoy several activities outside if it’s not too hot or cold out. In addition to getting exercise from his regular walks, your dog can also stay active by swimming or playing fetch in your yard. Swimming is an ideal choice for older dogs with arthritis, since this activity is easy on the joints while also giving his muscles a good workout. Just keep in mind that your senior dog might have limitations on the types of activities he can do or the length of time he can stay active for outside, depending on his overall health.

Social Activities

Giving your senior dog opportunities to socialize with other dogs can also encourage him to be active. Consider bringing your pet to a dog daycare Chicago facility to spend a certain amount of time playing with other dogs each day. Your dog will have a chance to get a workout while also having fun. If you do sign your dog up for daycare, just make sure you let the staff know if he has any physical conditions that might affect his ability to play with other dogs. You can also look for smaller play groups for your dog to join, so he won’t be overwhelmed by a lot of activity.