I have to Leave my Dog Alone A Lot- Is That Ok?

dog at daycare with a ballWhen you need to work during the day, is it ok to leave your dog alone? How long is too long when it comes to having dogs stay home alone? If you’re worried about the effects of leaving your dog alone, keep the following in mind and work out an alternative if needed.

Amount of Time Alone

Some dogs seem to do fine when they’re on their own for eight or more hours per day while their owners work. However, other dogs don’t do so well. These dogs can exhibit typical dog behavioral issues, such as separation anxiety, or damage items in the home out of boredom or frustration. The amount of time your dog should spend alone each day depends on how well she handles it and how often she needs to eliminate. If she’s acting up or having accidents, you should look into other options for her, so that she won’t be left alone all day when you’re at work.

Crating Dogs

If you tend to crate your dog when you leave for work, you should be aware that this can make behavioral problems worse. While some dogs don’t seem to mind being in a crate for a few or more hours, other dogs can bark excessively, have accidents or display other behavioral issues from being cooped up all day. In general, you should avoid crating your dog for more than a few hours at a time, especially on a regular basis.

Other Options

If you need to look into other options for your dog or if you’re uncomfortable with leaving her alone so long each day, there are different services to consider. Dog walkers can stop by your home a couple of times a day to take your dog for a walk and spend time with her. You can also look into using a dog daycare center for socialization and physical activity. These facilities give your dog a chance to run around playing with other dogs, which can help reduce behavioral issues that result from boredom or frustration at home.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your dog busy when you’re not home, consider dog daycare. At DoGone Fun, your dog can play with a lot of other dogs for several hours a day when you’re at work. Contact us for more information on our dog daycare services in the Chicago area.