Getting your Dog ready for the Chicago winter.

With colder temperatures and winter weather on the way in the Chicago area, this is a good time to make sure that your dog is ready. Dogs who are used to staying inside most of the time have a harder time adjusting to the cold, so it takes some time to prepare them. Use the following tips to ensure that your dog is ready for the colder part of the year.

Break Out the Dog Booties

Your dog’s paws are in danger of being injured when you go for walks during winter. Stepping on salt that’s used to melt ice on sidewalks can burn the pads on your dog’s paws. Walking on snow and ice can put your dog’s paws at risk of becoming frostbitten. Comfortable booties help keep your dog’s paws warm, dry and safe while you go outside for walks in winter.


Bundle Your Dog Up

If your dog is used to being inside most of the time, spending time outside when it’s freezing out can be highly uncomfortable. To keep your dog warm for daily walks and other outings, have him wear a doggy jacket, sweater or coat. This type of apparel for dogs is especially recommended for those that have a short or thin coat that doesn’t do much to keep them warm. Just remember that wet apparel puts your dog at risk of frostbite and hypothermia, so head indoors if doggy coats, jackets or sweaters get damp.


Consider Doggy Daycare

Winter weather makes it difficult for dogs to spend a lot of time outdoors getting exercise. Walks generally have to be kept short, especially when it’s below freezing out or when there’s a lot of snow and ice around. Having your dog go to doggy daycare provides plenty of time for burning off energy in a warm and safe environment. Your dog can meet new friends and spend several hours per day playing instead of sitting around your home. Doggy daycare can help keep your dog happy and healthy throughout the winter months.