Finding A Doggy Daycare

Having your dog spend time at a doggy daycare helps keep her from getting bored at home and gives her a chance to hang out with other dogs. Before choosing one to send her to, you’ll want to make sure the place is a clean and safe one that your dog will be happy. So, how do you find the right dog daycare for your beloved pet? There are several factors to weigh before choosing one.

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How Does The Doggy Daycare Look?

The daycare you end up choosing should be kept clean. While accidents do happen, they should be cleaned up quickly. Think twice about choosing a daycare with strong urine or feces odors, which indicates that the place isn’t kept as clean as it should be. Other things to note as far as the place’s appearance and setup include:

  • Are there bowls of fresh water available in the play areas?
  • How much space do dogs have to run around in the play area?

How Are Play Groups Structured?

Some daycares have all dogs in one large play area, while others have different play areas for small dogs and bigger ones or at least offer different playtimes for each group. This helps reduce the risk of having smaller dogs accidentally injured by larger dogs. Some daycares also offer different play areas or play groups for dogs based on their energy levels.

How Are the Dogs Screened?/

The right doggy daycare should have a screening process in place instead of accepting all dogs. Daycares typically require dogs to be up-to-date on all of their vaccinations, and some also refuse to allow dogs that have a known illness, flea infestation or other parasite problems. Some daycares also screen dogs for temperament in order to determine if they are friendly with other dogs. Look for a daycare with a strict screening process that helps ensure that the dogs your dog will be around won’t be likely to attack her or pass on an illness or infection to her.

What Is the Staff Like?

The daycare should have multiple staff members available to supervise play groups and walk dogs as needed. The staff members should be friendly and well-trained on dog behavior, so that they can prevent problems from occurring during play sessions and effectively handle any that do come up.