Doggie Daycare – The Benefits Outweigh The Myths.

dog at daycareThe concept of Doggie Daycare has really come of age in the past several years. Our lives have become more fast-paced and our schedules are packed so full it’s a wonder we have any time left at all. One thing that has not changed is the love for our dogs. They are no longer regarded as just “something” in the house, they are now full members of our families.

Doggie Daycare is a valuable service that provides care and companionship for your dog during the daytime hours. When the concept was first introduced, people were skeptical to say the least. The many questions and comments ranged from “Are you serious?” to “What an awesome idea”! It took time for people to grasp the idea, but now it has become a necessary part of their daily lives. Whether you are at work or just running errands, daycare for your dog provides more than just a place to drop off your dog so they won’t pee in the house!

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The Benefits of Dog Daycare

There are numerous benefits to having your dog in a playgroup during the day.

  • helps develop strong socialization skills with other dogs. Socialization skills are a life-long process for a dog. They are necessary to help the dog assimilate to their surroundings when they are outside of the home.
  • Exercise. Just think of your dog at home, alone, laying around when he could be playing and running around getting a healthy dose of exercise. A daily exercise routine is not only fun for the dog but it also provides an outlet for all that energy he has stored up waiting for you to get home. Our staff gives a lot of personal attention to your dog during the day so that you have peace of mind they are being well cared for.
  • Dog are happiest when they are with humans. At a dog daycare, they get that human interaction that is so helpful for their development.
  • Unleashed Dog Daycare provides even more benefits than kennel type doggie daycare. Your dog has access to water and food when they need it, not just when it’s feeding time.

Instead of staying at home alone unsupervised all day, your dog has the chance to experience its much-needed exercise, stimulation and social time by playing and socializing with other dogs. As a result, he or she will be relieved from boredom, loneliness and especially separation anxiety that can sometimes be caused by excessive loneliness.

Give Doggie Daycare a try and see what a difference it can make in your dog’s life – he will thank you for it!

DoGone Fun provides an excellent daycare experience for your dog as well as you. We have trained staff that interacts and provides your dog with the kind of love you would give them at home.