Doggie Daycare Is only just the beginning.

dog at daycare

There’s no doubt that Doggie Daycare is a great thing, it’s just not the only thing. Your dog needs to meet other dogs outside of the dog daycare environment. He also needs to meet new people of all ages and sizes so he can take the experiences learned in day care and apply it to his everyday life. A dog also needs to go to new places, see new things and smell new smells. All of these experiences are part of socialization, and as we all know, socialization is a life-long process.

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Using what your dog learned at daycare

The skills your pup learns at dog daycare become an advantage for you.

When you take your dog to the dog park, for example, you can see immediately the general improvement to your dogs’ behavior because he has learned new skills about interacting properly with other dogs.

There are people (and dogs) coming and going from the daycare all the time. It’s easy to see what they learn about “ignoring” this disruption can be an advantage at your home. I’m sure you have visitors coming and going on occasion. A dog that is familiar with this kind of change in environment, doesn’t get agitated or upset when new people enter your home. Your dog might greet them, but then goes about his business as usual.

How your dog might act for the first dog daycare stay

Just like a child going to human daycare, the first few visits to Doggie Day Care can be somewhat intimidating for your dog. It may take some time for your dog to come out of his shell. If he is highly excitable, it’ll take time to settle down into his routine.

One thing we try to monitor is the “Dog Cliques”. Yes, it’s not just for middle school children on the playground! Dog Cliques sometimes happen when the same dogs come on the same days and times and they tend to claim certain “ownership” to the dog park. It’s part of the natural order of “pack mentality”. It is our job to keep introducing new activities with new dogs so the dog park stays neutral. Hanging around with the same buddies is comforting and fun for your dog, but it is also healthy to make new friends and we like to encourage that.

What are the benefits of dog day care for you?

Doggie Daycare has benefits for you as well. It has become a central meeting place and a strong network of support for dog owners! It gives us all a place to come together and talk about the interactions we have with other dogs and what techniques may work for one but not another. It is camaraderie of sorts and it can strengthen the bonds between you and your dog and you can make new friends too!

We can also schedule dog grooming while your dog is with us. This is one less errand you have to make. When time is of short supply, this is a big advantage for some dog owners.

At DoGone Fun, we believe that doggy daycare is a positive experience for dogs and their owners. It is our goal to provide a safe, fun environment as well as caring for your furry family member the way you would at home. Stop by and take a look at the best dog daycare in all of Chicagoland.