Doggie Day Care is an Awesome Alternative

Send them to Doggie DaycareIf guilt about leaving your pet alone at home all day is getting you down, there’s a great solution available. Doggie day care facilities give your dog a chance to stay busy while you’re at work. Instead of having to rush home on your lunch break for walks or hire a dog walker, you can drop your dog off at day care, where she’ll be able to spend the whole day playing with other pups. This arrangement offers several other advantages as well.

No More Boredom

If your dog gets bored while you’re gone, she might get into the habit of chewing on things or she might develop other behavioral issues. When you have her staying at day care for eight hours or more throughout the week, she’ll have plenty of activities to keep her occupied the entire time. Your dog can have fun running around with other dogs for several hours a day, which will help tire her out.

Lots of Exercise

All dogs need physical activity on a regular basis, but high-energy dogs need a whole lot more. If you have a hyper dog who paces around your house or shows other signs of being restless, doggie day care gives her a perfect opportunity to burn off all kinds of energy. By the time your dog gets home after playing all day, she’ll be too tired to cause trouble around the house.

Improved Health

Being able to get exercise regularly can also help your dog if she needs to lose a few pounds and maintain a healthy weight for health reasons. If you don’t get to take her out for frequent walks or trips to the park for exercise due to your work schedule, let day care take care of that for you. At day care, she’ll have plenty of space to run around and several other dogs to keep her busy until it’s time for you to pick her up.

Better Social Skills

When your dog is cooped up at home day in and day out, she doesn’t have a lot of chances to meet other dogs and people. Spending the work week at day care provides her with several hours per day to be around others, which can improve her social skills. She’ll have a lot of opportunities to work on learning to behave when she’s interacting with fellow pups and other people.