Dog Day Care – The Growing Trend Just Keeps On Growing!

doggy daycare playgroundIt is no wonder that dog day care is a trend that doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing. Your dog is not just a pet, it truly is a member of your family. Just look around and you will see many people have pictures of their dogs in their office, their homes and they even carry some in their wallets. They enrich your life in ways you never thought imaginable. This explains why statistics are showing a growing trend in the number of households that now own dogs. According to the Pet Products Association, there are 78 million dogs living as valued members of families in the US. What’s even more staggering is these families are spending over $58 Billion a year on pet products and services.

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In a recent study in Forbes Magazine, the pet services industry in the US has seen an explosive growth due to an exceedingly high demand and is now the seventh largest retail business industry. During the recession from 2008-2010, pet spending actually increased by 11.9% and they found that dog owners will forgo many of their own luxuries to give their dogs a better life.

Doggie Day Care is one aspect to the pet services industry that has grown to epic proportions. Dog owners are utilizing this amazing service more and more because, simply put, the mindset toward pet ownership has dramatically changed over the past few years. People’s attachment to their dogs has spurred this growth because they literally can’t tolerate the thought of having their dog home alone for long periods of time during the day. Dog Day Care gives dog owners the peace of mind their dogs are well cared for in their absence. It is no longer viewed as a luxurious amenity, it is now considered by most dog enthusiasts as a necessity.

The American Animal Hospital Association conducted a basic survey to demonstrate the commitment and strong emotional bond that people have to their pets. The results show that pet owners will continue to support the economy and the pet services industry for years to come.

According to the survey of pet owners:

• 100% give their pet a Holiday present
• 94% -believe their pet has human-like personality traits
• 93% would risk their own life for their pet
• 80% provide daily exercise for their pet
• 65% sing or dance for their pet
• 63% celebrate their pet’s birthday
• 53% would take time off from work to care for a sick pet
• 52% prepare special meals for a pet
• 44% bring home vacation souvenirs for a pet
• 43% display a pet’s photograph at work
• 40% would select a dog over a human as their sole companion on a desert island

DoGoneFun knows how special your dog is to you and your family so we consider them family too! Stop by DoGoneFun to see our fun-filled facility and meet with one of our staff members to show you how Doggie Day Care can be the best way to show your dog how much you care! We look forward to seeing you soon!