Dog Boarding and Daycare to Reduce Holiday Stress

dog boarding over the holiday

Could a day of dog daycare and boarding be just what Santa ordered? Though you love having your precious pet around, with all the stress and obligations of the holidays, your pup may be feeling a little overlooked.Why not let your pet enjoy a safe, activity-filled day of doggy daycare while you focus on checking things off your holiday task list?

There are Many Benefits to Doggy Daycare & Holiday Boarding

  • Less Stress and Complications

    Balancing work, errands, social events, and your two and four-legged family can be a tough task during the holiday season. When your home is as crowded as your to-do list, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Holiday boarding and doggy daycare can give you a little relief, taking pet-related tasks off the table and making things easier on you and your family. Tackle your shopping list, clean and prep, or host your party while your pooch is cared for and exercised.

  • No Unexpected Surprises

    Your family and friends mean well, but during holiday events, they may not know how to best treat your pet. Your pet may be given access to dangerous foods or scared or shooed away by anxious children and adults unaccustomed to pets. When your dog enjoys a day of doggy daycare or boarding, during these events, you can rest assured they will be properly cared for by our attentive staff. Here they can get medications, much-needed attention, and enjoy a day of doggy daycare activities.

  • Professional Dog Daycare and Boarding Care

    Though your family and friends may offer to take your pooch off your hands for the day so you can get things done, they’re not professionally trained to take care of your pup. Your canine companion needs someone with the experience to be on the lookout for doggy dangers, and the skills to handle them if they occur.

Why Book Daycare & Boarding at DoGone Fun?

At DoGone Fun, we banish the boredom of bargain boarding services, keeping your pet cared for and entertained while you tackle tough holiday tasks. Watch live via webcam as we pamper your pets with cozy kennels and over 5,000 feet of indoor and outdoor play space. Grooming and training services can also be scheduled. Experts in pet care, our staff is educated in dog behavior, training, and playgroup management.

Too pooped to party with your pooch? Book a holiday stay with DoGone Fun today!