Do Dogs Get Cabin Fever?

cabin fevered dog

Chicago’s long, cold winters might leave you feeling eager to get out of the house. Does your dog feel the same way? Dogs can get cabin fever when they’ve been cooped up for long periods of time at home instead of being able to go outside and play.

Signs of Cabin Fever

Dogs tend to start acting up when they’re tired of being in the house. They might take their boredom out on objects in your home by chewing on them, such as furniture, shoes or other items. Some dogs will suddenly run around or jump up on furniture when they’re feeling restless. In some cases, dogs might become aggressive or urinate to mark their territory inside the home.

Reasons for Cabin Fever in Dogs

Dogs need to have regular physical activity and mental stimulation in order to stay happy and satisfied. Without these, frustration and boredom can build up inside them. When this reaches a certain point, dogs begin acting up in different ways. If your dog has been showing any signs of cabin fever, there are several ways to relieve this condition.

How to Handle Cabin Fever

Keeping your dog active and entertained are effective ways to deal with cabin fever. You can play games with your dog in your home if you have room. Fetch gives dogs opportunities to run around, while hiding toys or treats for dogs to find keeps their brain busy. When the weather is pleasant, you can also take your dog for longer walks or visit a local dog park to reduce the risk of boredom. If you have a fenced-in yard, let your dog run around and play to burn off energy.

If your dog is restless after a long winter, doggy daycare offers a great way to get rid of this boredom. DoGone Fun has half-day packages available that give dogs an exciting puppy playdate. Your dog can make new friends and get plenty of activity for a few hours or more per day. Contact us to learn more about our doggy daycare services in Chicago.