Are the Dog Daycare Costs worth it?

dogs behaving badly
We’ve all been there. You arrive home from work after a long and mentally challenging day hoping that some little elf appeared and has dinner all ready and the house miraculously clean. You open the door with anticipation of this fantasy to find there was no elf, but there is your adorable dog so happy to show you all he has done with HIS day. He happily takes you from room to room showing off his redecorating skills from the curtains and blinds you apparently no longer needed to the coffee table that now has that trendy distressed, chewed look that is all the rage in the decorating magazines. Yes, those same magazines that now resemble area rugs in every room. And he also was concerned about the health of your feet, so he made sure you never have to walk in high heels, ever again. It’s a common story that has been told by many loving dog owners. It’s these same dog owners that often exclaim “dog day care costs are worth every penny!”

Come to Dog Daycare Tomorrow

dogs behaving badly
Dogs are a lot like people, if they have nothing to do for too long, they get bored. There are some great You Tube videos of dogs getting into all kinds of mischief when no one is home with them. Doggie Day Care was probably started by one of these people. But in all seriousness, Doggie Day Care is a thriving and desired business run by people that truly love dogs and want to see them happy and healthy. They offer a service that dog owners have come to believe in and trust. And the benefits far outweigh the cost. Some of these benefits include:

  • Alleviates loneliness and boredom
  • Relief from anxiety, especially separation anxiety
  • Eliminates destructive behavior in the home when you are not there
  • Teaches socialization with other dogs as well as other people
  • Offers exercise and playtime to relieve excess energy
  • A happier dog owner that no longer feels guilty about leaving their dog alone all day

dogs behaving badly
Doggie Day Care is often run just like child day care. The dog day care staff is highly trained in their field to understand canine communication and behavior management. There are organizations like The Animal Career Academy that train and certify people in the animal care industry through all levels of courses. Every dog day care is different, so the dog day care costs may vary as well. When you are looking for a day care facility for your dog, you want to make sure it is a good fit between your dog and their staff. Ask questions and look around the facility to make sure it is clean and the dogs are well cared for. Most offer different services at different levels of pricing that can fit into any budget.


But the most important feature of Doggie Day Care is priceless and that is the peace of mind it offers you. So when you look at the costs associated with Doggie Day Care, ask yourself how much new curtains and blinds and furniture and shoes are worth to you!