What is a temperament assessment for Dog Boarding?

Dogs are social by nature, but they don’t always get along with others. If you’re planning on bringing yours to a doggy daycare and boarding facility, don’t be surprised if he has to undergo what’s known as a temperament assessment. This assessment helps determine if your dog is a good fit for attending play sessions with other dogs.

How Is a Temperament Assessment Done?

Temperament assessments involve observing dogs and interacting with them in order to see how comfortable they are around other dogs. This is usually done by doing the following:

  • Bringing your dog to the facility to meet staff members. Staff members will start by asking you about his past, typical behavior and how he usually acts around other dogs.
  • Introducing your dog to a play group. This part of the assessment allows staff members to evaluate how well your dog interacts with other dogs. At Dogone Fun we will start your dog off with one male and one female dog, then slowly introduce them to the entire play group.
  • Having your dog spend a few hours or more at the facility. If your dog plays well with other dogs in the playgroup, staff members will continue to observe him for 3-6 hours in order to make a more thorough temperament assessment.

What Does a Temperament Assessment Check For?

A temperament assessment is designed to look for signs of aggression or other problems that could affect the safety of your dog or other dogs in the play group. Doggy daycare and boarding facilities accept dogs that are able to interact safely with others in order to ensure that all play group participants can have an enjoyable time with little to no risk of harm.

Dogs that do not pass temperament assessments typically display signs of aggression toward other dogs, such as growling or lunging. Another area of concern is dogs that display signs of fear or nervousness around other dogs. These dogs are more likely to snap, growl or exhibit other aggressive behaviors when other dogs get too close to them.

What If My Dog Doesn’t Pass the Temperament Assessment?

Unfortunately, dogs that don’t pass a temperament assessment will not be able to join playgroups. Since DoGone Fun! is a totally social daycare and boarding facility, they will not be able to stay with us for Daycare or Boarding. This is done in order to protect your dog and the other dogs in the daycare facility .Dogone Fun! also offers Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services for those dogs that do not pass a temperament assessment. If your dog doesn’t pass the assessment, you might want to consider working with a dog trainer or behavior specialist to help correct problems with aggression or fear.