What Happens When I Board My Dog?

Boarding DogsWhen you drop your furry friend off at DoGone Fun for dog boarding, what’s in store for him? While his day won’t be spent lounging around on the couch, it will be filled with plenty of fun. At DoGone Fun, we do our best to make sure dogs enjoy their stay away from home. We also have them follow a set routine to help make things comfortable and familiar for them. Here’s an idea of what your dog’s day will be like at our facility.
After dropping your dog off between 7am and 9am, he’ll be able to spend some time playing and getting acquainted with the other dogs. During his mornings here, he’ll have breakfast served at 8am, followed by plenty of playtime outside. If your dog will also be having daytime training sessions with us, that will take place in sessions during the morning and early afternoon.
We serve lunch at noon for our boarding and daycare dogs. Even if your dog is not signed up to eat at this time he will come in for some much needed rest. We find that many dogs can get overly excited or tired from playing with other dogs when they are here for extended periods of time. This hour-long midday nap really helps them balance out to avoid that. If you scheduled any grooming, such as a departure bath, this typically takes place around mid-afternoon so they are fresh when you come to pick them up. Your dog will also be able to play some more after their bath if you so choose.Evening
Our boarding dogs get dinner between 5pm and 6pm. After such an exciting day, we try to keep the evenings calm so your dog will be able to get a good night’s sleep. If you’ll be picking him up in the evening, he’ll be fed, groomed and all tired out from his fun stay with us. Keep in mind that we do offer late pickups Monday through Friday from 7pm-10pm to make things more convenient.Overall, your furry friend will get 8.5 hours of playtime during the day from Monday through Saturday and six hours on Sundays. We have indoor and outdoor play lots, so your dog will be able to play no matter what the weather’s like. If you want to see what he’s up to during playtime, feel free to visit our webcam.

As a part of our dog boarding services, we keep thorough records on how much your dog is eating and how often he’s eliminating. We’ll also confirm that he’s received any medication he needs and that any other requests you’ve made have been taken care of. If you are interested in how we keep these record feel free to stop in and take a tour anytime during our normal business hours.