Ways to make Long Term Boarding for Dogs a happy experience.

Have you been to the airport lately?  It seems more and more people are travelling these days.  Even as prices for travel are increasing, it doesn’t seem to matter as people are packing up and setting off to new sights.   Unfortunately your dog usually can’t travel those distances with you. 

Make Your Dog Boarding Reservations Online

Whether you are traveling for business or vacation, or if you are facing a long hospital stay, it’s not always easy to ask friends or family to look after your dog while you are away.  Long term boarding for dogs is becoming a popular choice these days. And for good reason, too.  Gone are the days of walls of cages and dim fluorescent lighting.  Boarding facilities have taken dog boarding to new heights.Today, many dog owners are choosing long term boarding when faced with the challenges associated with extensive travel, hospitalization or even during renovations of their homes.  Pet owners know their dogs and they know changing their routines can have adverse effects on their eating habits and even their behavior.  Choosing a facility can be challenging because you want the right fit for you and your dog.Some things to look for in a long term boarding facility:

  • Cleanliness
  • Friendliness and knowledge of the staff
  • Do they a sufficient area for play time and exercise (Inside/Outside)
  • Does the staff interact with the dogs
  • Do they adhere to a healthy feeding schedule
  • What forms of communication are available to you while you are away

Most people that have to board their dog long term need to make a reservations in advance of their trip.  Having a plan helps you and your dog adjust to the time you will be away from each other.  Sometimes the best approach is to make small steps, starting with having the dog stay for a couple of days, then increasing it to a week to see how they do.  It’s usually easier on the dog to be away from you, than it is you being away from your dog! Bring familiar things from home, like their favorite toy or even an old shirt that has your scent on it so they feel comfortable.  The best feeling you will get is when your dog pulls away from you when you arrive at the boarding facility. That is when you know they enjoy being there.

Another thing to consider when choosing a long term boarding facility is how they respond to special requests.  A good boarding place should always honor any reasonable request regarding special food or even some extra attention at a certain time that may reflect your own routine at home.

Communication is the best way to make long-term boarding a success.  Don’t be afraid to talk with the staff at the facility about your pet’s needs and what may be required to make your pet’s stay as enjoyable as possible.  And above all, contact them for updates periodically during your time away.  Some even have webcams so you can see what your little friend is up to while you are away!  Long term boarding can be a wonderful experience for you and your dog and it will make coming home even sweeter knowing they were well cared for.

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