To Board or Not To Board Your Dog: Leaving Them For The First Time

dog going to kennel

When you’re going away on vacation and can’t bring your dog, should you find a dog boarding facility? You have different options to consider if you’re leaving your dog for the first time. Knowing more about these options can help you make that decision.

Length of Vacation

How much time will you be gone? If you’re only going to be on vacation for a couple of days, you could see if a trusted friend, family member or neighbor could watch your pup for you. This gives you peace of mind of knowing your pet is being cared for by someone you know.

If you’ll be gone for several days or a week, it makes more sense to consider a pet sitter or dog boarding. Pet sitters come to your home as often as needed to walk, feed and play with your dog. Some even stay at your house while you’re away, so that your dog isn’t alone. This means you need to be comfortable with the thought of someone you don’t know well being in your home while you’re gone, which doesn’t work for everyone.

Dog boarding facilities offer somewhere for your dog to stay when you’re on vacation. Some facilities provide around-the-clock care and supervision, while others only have someone there during the day. Some dog boarding facilities offer playtime and many other perks for dogs to enjoy during their stay, which helps them feel at ease.

Separation Anxiety

If you’re worried about your dog having separation anxiety when you leave her for the first time, dog boarding is a good option to consider. At the right boarding facility, your dog will have a comfortable place to sleep while being cared for by friendly staff. Your dog will also be able to spend a lot of her time playing with other dogs, keeping her busy and preventing her from feeling anxious or bored.

If you’re going on vacation and need to board your dog, contact DoGone Fun. Our dog boarding services can provide you with a safe and comfortable place for your dog to stay while you’re gone.