Summer Vacation and Traveling With Your Dog

dog at the beach not at dog boarding

Summer vacations can be a fun and memorable experience when you bring your dog along with you. If your plans include hitting the road this summer to visit family or to go somewhere you’ve never been before, keep the following tips in mind to make it a safe trip for you and your dog.

Find Dog-Friendly Places

When you’re planning your vacation, look for dog-friendly hotels, parks and even restaurants both at your destination and along the way. Book a dog-friendly hotel or other accommodations at your destination, and keep a list of these places handy in case you need them on the road.

Keep Your Dog Safe

Make sure that your dog stays on a leash at all times when you’re out of the car, such as at rest areas. Your dog should also have updated vaccinations and microchip information. Bring a list of animal hospitals with you in case your dog does get sick or injured during your vacation. You should also bring medications that your dog takes, and make sure these are refilled before your trip if needed. When you’re in the car, your dog should have a seatbelt on for safety. Look into seatbelt harnesses that provide a secure yet comfortable way to make sure that your dog stays buckled in while you’re on the road.

Pack for Your Pup

Your dog might not need a suitcase full of clothes, but there are certain items you should pack for your pup. Bring your dog’s food and water dishes, and provide plenty of water on the trip. You can also bring your dog’s favorite treats and toys, along with a first aid kit for pets and blankets to make the car extra comfortable.

If your planned summer vacation isn’t a dog-friendly one, consider dog boarding to give your pet somewhere safe and fun to stay. While you go away on your vacation, your dog can enjoy a perfectly dog-friendly vacation with other dogs and plenty of room to play. Contact DoGone Fun for more information about our dog boarding services in Chicago.