Puppy Boarding: At what age is it safe

training-schedule-page-replace-stock-photoWhile it’s usually not a problem to set up boarding for an adult dog, what happens when you have a puppy? If you have an upcoming trip, it’s important to understand how old puppies should be before they can safely stay at a boarding facility.

How Young Is Too Young?

Puppy boarding is possible, but your pet needs to be a certain age before it’s considered safe. Some facilities won’t accept puppies that are too young in order to lower the risk of having these pets become sick. In fact, contagious diseases are one of the main reasons that boarding places set a minimum age for puppies. While restrictions vary from place to place, dog boarding facilities typically require puppies to have had their first round of vaccinations, which is usually around 3 months of age. This provides puppies with some protection from kennel cough, parvovirus and other illnesses. Even if your puppy has had their first round of shots, keep in mind that waiting to board until after their second round (at about 4 months of age) provides even greater protection.

Vaccination Requirements

Many boarding facilities require all dogs to be current on their vaccinations against rabies and other infectious illnesses. When you need puppy boarding, make sure you check the requirements for different facilities. Your puppy might not be old enough to meet the requirements at some of these places. If your puppy is old enough but you’re still concerned about the possibility of illness, ask your vet for advice on how you can lower this risk and make sure you choose a place that requires all dogs to be vaccinated.

Puppies and Parasites

If your puppy has fleas, worms or other parasites, you’ll need to have this health issue brought under control before boarding. Many puppy boarding facilities requires dogs to be free of parasites, which helps prevent them from spreading to other dogs. You’ll have to show the boarding facility proof that your puppy has been dewormed or treated for fleas or other parasites before making a reservation.

If your puppy is free of parasites and up-to-date on vaccinations, boarding offers a good opportunity for socialization. Keep in mind that some boarding facilities also offer obedience training classes, which can be a big benefit for both you and your puppy.