Options for your dog while you’re away for the holidays

Options for your dog while you're away for the holidays

Whether you’re traveling to visit family or have several parties to attend or plan, the holiday season is often a hectic one. If you need help caring for your pets while you’re busy, you have a few different options to consider.

In-home Pet Sitting

If you have multiple pets or if you have a variety of different pets at home, hiring a pet sitter is a good option. For example, you might want to consider this option if you have a few dogs or pets with different needs, such as cats, birds and hamsters. An in-home pet sitter comes to your home as often as you need them to and makes sure that your pets are taken care of. This includes walking dogs, feeding all of your pets, cleaning litter boxes and doing any other pet related tasks while you’re away from home. Having a pet sitter can help make your holiday season less hectic while also ensuring that your pets get plenty of attention.



If you’ll be going out of town for the holidays, pet boarding is another great option. Having your pets stay at a boarding facility gives them a place to go to while you’re gone. Finding a safe, clean boarding facility with knowledgeable staff provides you with peace of mind that your pets will be cared for when you can’t be with them. Your pets might also be able to enjoy other perks, such as spa services, training and special treats. Check with the boarding facility you choose to see what kinds of additional services are offered and to ask about discounts for boarding more than one pet. Keep in mind that you might be able to check in on your pet via webcam at some boarding facilities.


Dog Walking

When you have holiday celebrations to go to after work or dinner parties to handle at your home, hiring a dog walker can be a big help. Dog walkers can stop by your home a couple of times per day if needed to take your dog for a walk. This helps ensure that your dog is able to go out and eliminate often enough and get regular physical activity. Spending time with a dog walker also means your dog will be getting attention when you’re busy planning a holiday party or attending gatherings.