Luxury Boarding for Dogs

luxury boarding for dogs

When you’ll be away for a while and can’t bring your dog with you, putting him in dog boarding gives him a safe place to stay. Not all boarding facilities for dogs are the same, though. Some offer just the basics, such as an area to sleep in, food and water and daily walks. If you want your dog to experience a vacation while you’re gone, consider the added perks that DoGone Fun offers. At our state-of-the-art facility, we provide dogs with high-quality, luxury dog boarding that’s designed to keep them happy and comfortable while they’re away from their families.


When your dog stays with us, he’ll get plenty of time to run around playing and burn off energy. He’ll also be able to socialize with other dogs. Our boarding dogs get about 8.5 hours of time to play on weekdays and Saturdays and six hours of playtime on Sundays. That gives your dog a lot of chances to get some exercise and meet some new friends. If you feel like thats too long, just let us know and we can give him some extra naps.

Clean Kennels and Spacious Play Areas

We keep our sleeping area as well as our indoor and outdoor play areas as clean as possible to reduce the risk of germs that could make your dog sick. Our play areas offer about 10,000 square feet of room for your dog to run around.

Around-the-Clock Staff

Some facilities that offer boarding for dogs only have staff on hand during certain times, which can be a problem if there’s an emergency or other issues arise that need to be handled right away. At DoGone Fun, you don’t have to worry about your dog being unattended. We have staff on-site 24/7 to make sure that all of our boarding dogs are taken care of.

Peace of Mind

Dogs aren’t the only ones who benefit from the amenities and services we offer. You can also rest assured that your dog is doing fine thanks to our detailed record-keeping services. We keep track of how much food your dog eats and how often he eliminates. We’ll also make sure that your dog gets any medication he takes and honor other special requests. When you want to check in on your dog during playtime, you can do so through our live webcam service.


We also offer luxury grooming services that you can request when boarding your dog, so that he looks his best when you pick him up. These include facials, nail trims, baths and massages. For those who want their pooch returning to them smelling and looking fresh and clean we always offer departure baths. In fact we give them for free if your dog stays with us seven or more nights!