How to Compare Kennel Rates for Dogs

kennel rates for dogsWhen it comes to choosing a boarding kennel for your dog, one of the factors to consider is your budget. While you want to find a kennel that fits your budget, it’s also important to make sure you find one that offers the highest quality possible. Comparing kennel rates for dogs can give you a better idea of how much you can expect to pay for boarding while you’re away. While these rates can vary from location to location and from kennel to kennel, you’ll know roughly how much boarding costs and what kinds of quality and service you’re likely to get for different rates. Keep the following information in mind when you’re going over different rates for dog kennels in your area.

The Dangers of Cost Over Quality

Going with the least expensive dog boarding kennel in your local area means that you’re saving money, but it also means that you might be sacrificing quality. For example, your dog could be staying at a boarding facility that only takes the dogs out a couple times a day for very short walks to relieve themselves. Dogs in these kennels don’t always get any other interactions during their stay. Your dog might become upset, bored or frustrated in this type of situation, which can lead to health problems or behavioral issues.

In the most severe cases, you might end up boarding your dog at a kennel that doesn’t follow strict guidelines or standards in terms of cleanliness and care. This can put your dog’s well-being at risk due to inattentive or poorly trained staff, the presence of contagious illnesses if other dogs aren’t vaccinated, or injuries from aggressive dogs. Taking the time to make sure you find an affordable yet high-quality dog boarding kennel is crucial when you’re comparing kennel rates for dogs. You want your dog to be happy and healthy during their stay rather than being bored, getting sick or injured.

Higher Costs and Better Quality

When you go over different rates for dog kennels, don’t let higher costs deter you from looking at what they offer. Lower rates for kennels might be more cost-effective for you, but it doesn’t ensure that your dog will have a safe and enjoyable time while you’re away. It also doesn’t mean that your dog will be looked after by caring staff who will provide them with plenty of attention.

Dog kennels that charge higher rates typically have something to show for it. These kennels offer enriching and stimulating activities for dogs to enjoy. For example, playtime with other dogs in a large, safe and enclosed area, or training classes to help dogs learn to obey different commands. Your dog might also be able to have spa services done for a healthier coat, skin, ears and nails. Some kennels that charge higher rates also offer special perks, such as one-on-one time with a staff member, so that dogs receive more attention, or a treat at bedtime. Other perks that might be offered include special meals on certain days or on holidays. When you look into dog kennels around you, check into perks to see if these or others are available which your dog will enjoy. This helps make the boarding experience more pleasant and positive for your dog while you’re gone. It also provides you with peace of mind that your dog is being cared for by skilled and experienced staff members when you’re away.

Average Dog Kennel Rates

The rates for dog kennels vary from one location to the next. Rates in larger cities, for example, tend to be higher than rates in smaller cities and towns. This is partly due to the higher demand for boarding services in these areas, as there are more dog owners around who have to travel from time to time without their pets. In general, kennel rates for dogs tend to be roughly $25 to $45 per night, although this varies by location and the types of services that are provided. Keep in mind that some kennels also offer discounted rates for dogs that board for a certain length of time or for multiple dogs from the same household.

In some cases, dogs from the same family can board in the same kennel at a lower rate. The average cost per night is just for a dog’s stay in the boarding facility’s kennel and a walk or two per day. Added services, if available, typically cost an extra fee. You might also have to pay more if you board your dog during busy times, such as during holidays or on weekends, since demand for boarding kennel space is higher.

Dog boarding check inDoGone Fun Boarding Rates

At DoGone Fun, our rates are higher per night than the average rate, but we also have a lot more to offer dogs who board with us. Our location in Chicago makes it convenient for dog owners in the area to drop off and pick up their dogs for boarding. For boarding, our kennel rates for dogs are $55 per night. Additional dogs can board with us for a discounted rate of $35 per night if they stay in the same kennel. Otherwise, additional dogs from the same owner have a rate of $50 per night when they stay in a separate kennel. Our kennels offer plenty of space for dogs to stay together if that is preferred. We also offer blankets to ensure that dogs are comfortable. You can also bring your dogs’ regular beds, so that they can sleep in a familiar setting during their stay in our kennels.

When it comes to checking out, we offer a rate of $25 per dog for afternoon check outs. We realize that these are more convenient for you than picking up your dog in the morning. However, this creates a busier environment at our facility. An afternoon check out is any time after 12 p.m.

DoGone Fun Added Luxuries

We want your dogs to have fun during their stay, so we offer plenty of additional luxuries for an extra fee. Please keep this in mind when you compare kennel rates for dogs. These luxuries include food provided by us for $2 per cup. You can also arrange for biscuits at bedtime for $1 per nap. To provide your dogs with even more luxury, you can arrange to have gourmet dog biscuits at bedtime for $3. We also offer frozen yogurt treats, which are perfect if your dogs will be staying with us during the summer months. These treats cost $3 each. If your dogs like to play with toys, we have Kongs stuffed with goodies at bedtime for $3 each. These toys keep your dogs busy and full after a long day of playing.

If your dogs need medications, please keep in mind that we give one pill twice a day at no charge to you. If your dogs need more pills, we charge $3 per day. We do ask that you provide a food agent or pill pocket to make it easier for your dogs to take their medications. If your dogs have special needs when it comes to medications or sanitation, we can accommodate these requests for $5 per day.

At DoGone Fun, we know how important it is that dogs get outdoor exercise. Our kennel rates for dogs include the option of extra 15-minute outside walks at $10 each. These walks give your dogs a chance to enjoy the outdoors and get even more exercise during their stay.

If your dogs could use some spa care, we offer a freshen-up service with dry shampoo for $10 or $15 depending on your dog’s size. Small and medium dogs cost $10 per service, while large dogs cost $15 per service.


If your dogs will be staying with us during the holidays or weekends, our kennel rates for dogs include some special meal options. For $5, you can arrange for your dogs to have a home cooked Sunday brunch or a home cooked holiday dinner. Please let us know ahead of time if your dogs have any dietary restrictions.

DoGone Fun strives to ensure that dogs are as comfortable as possible during their stay. In order to provide that, we offer extra comfy beds for $5 per visit. These beds give your dogs a comfortable, cushioned place to sleep. If your dogs love extra attention, you can arrange one-on-one cuddle time with one of our staff members for $6 per night.

When it comes to comparing kennel rates for dogs, keep in mind that DoGone Fun offers a high-quality place to board. Our kind, skilled and knowledgeable staff members can ensure that your dogs have a pleasant stay while you’re traveling.