Doggy Daycare and Boarding: What’s the difference?

When you need to leave your dog in someone else’s care, doggy daycare and boarding are two of your options. Both involve dropping off your dog for a certain period of time and having someone else watch her until you’re ready to pick her up, but they’re not the same thing.

Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare is typically for people who work all day and can’t take their dog out for walks as often as needed. Many people also use this service to prevent their dog from getting bored and lonely when they leave for eight or more hours a day. When dogs get bored, they often begin to exhibit behavioral problems, such as chewing or barking. Bringing them to doggy daycare gives them a chance to interact with other dogs and people, which prevents boredom and provides them with some much needed socialization.


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Doggy daycare isn’t just for people who work all day, though. Even if you work from home or only work part-time, this service can still be a good option for your dog. If you don’t often have a chance to take your dog to the local dog park or another area where she can play with other dogs, doggy daycare can fulfill this need for you. You don’t have to leave your dog all day, everyday. Taking her for a few hours a week to socialize with other dogs can stimulate her mind, make her happy and let her get some physical activity.

Dog Boarding

Dog boarding is generally for people who need to be away from their dog overnight or for several days. This is what distinguishes social dog boarding from dog daycare; the overnight stay. People choose boarding when they need to go on business trips or when they’ll be going somewhere else for vacation and don’t have anyone around to care for their dog. It’s not always possible to bring your dog with you when you’re traveling, so boarding provides you with a way to make sure she’s taken care of. When you choose social boarding, your dog will be able to play with other dogs and people, can be taken on walks, and will be fed and given water, exactly as with dogs in daycare. If your dog is on medication the staff will ensure that she receives it properly. When you bring your dog in for boarding, you can make sure she’s as comfortable as possible by bringing her bed and a couple of toys along, as well as her regular food.

Doggy daycare and boarding make it possible for you to work or travel without worrying about your furry friend. They also help ensure that your dog stays happy when she can’t be with you.

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