Why Are Some Dog Kennel Rates Higher?

boarding dogIf you’ve looked into dog kennel rates, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to vary from one place to the next. Why do some places charge higher rates than others? In some cases, it’s due to location. For example, you might pay more for dog kennels in major cities compared to small towns. Other places charge more based on the quality of care they provide and the perks they offer.

Trained and Qualified Staff

Dog kennels that charge more expensive rates sometimes do so since they are able to provide higher quality care. These kennels have staff members who are trained and experienced in ensuring that dogs under their care stay healthy and comfortable. These staff members usually continue their training and education in order to keep up with the latest developments in dog care.

Special Amenities

Some dog kennels that cost more offer certain amenities that you won’t typically find in other kennels. These might include spa services, such as facials and massages, high quality treats for dogs and comfortable blankets or beds for them to sleep on. Some places also offer extra playtime or cuddle time with a staff member to keep dogs happy while they’re away from home. These amenities are usually offered for an additional fee, but keep an eye out for special packages that include these perks.


Dog kennels that charge more usually provide services that keep dog owners updated on how their pets are doing. This might mean creating reports or getting in touch with owners to let them know how their dogs are doing. Some facilities also have webcam services available that make it easy for dog owners to check on their dogs during playtime. This can go a long way toward helping dog owners feel more at ease about leaving their dog in someone else’s care.


Not all kennels offer playtime for dogs. Some only have dogs go for a couple of walks per day and spend the rest of their time in their kennel. Places that have higher rates usually offer playtime for dogs, although the amount of time they’re allowed to play can vary. Kennels that provide several hours of playtime a day tend to charge higher rates.

When you’re weighing the costs of a dog kennel, take these factors into consideration. Doing so can help you determine if the benefits they offer are worth the extra cost.