Dog Boarding – No guilt, just a great trip!

dog boardingBefore we know it, summer will be here! I know many of you are already looking forward to your summer vacations. Choosing that perfect destination takes time and planning. But what about your dog? Many vacation destinations do not allow pets. So the choice comes down to having a neighbor come by and walk and feed your dog or to go to a dog boarding kennel.


Make Your Dog Boarding Reservations Today

The idea of a neighbor or friend taking care of your dog always sounds good at first. Of course you want your dog in his usual surroundings and in the comfort of his own home. But the only contact he will have is that person coming once or twice a day – and let’s face it, how many times a day do they really go there? Dog boarding has more benefits than just peace of mind, it may be a great vacation for your dog too!

Dog boarding facilities should, of course, always be clean. But there are many other things to look for when touring the kennel. Our trained staff knows that dogs sometimes are nervous when they board for the first time – or even the ninth time! We take special care to interact with the dogs to make them feel comfortable and at ease. The last thing you want to see when you are dropping your dog off is a pack of lonely looking, anxious filled kennel mates! We promote a relaxed and fun atmosphere and when your dog sees that, his anxiety will drop and so will yours. Your dog will be excited to play with his new friends and, sorry to say this, will barely wave goodbye!

When you return from your vacation you will find a happy and healthy pup waiting to show you all his new friends and maybe some new tricks too! Our kennel staff thoroughly enjoys spending quality time with all the dogs. We love to get to know each of their personalities to personalize their stay here. So next time you need to board your dog, leave the guilt behind because your dog may just need a vacation from the vacation – just like you!