Dog Boarding: Benefits v/s Risks

Boarded dogs on the play lotSummer vacation is really just around the corner and that means a lot of us are starting to plan for the yearly family vacation. Traveling to visit family and friends certainly isn’t as easy as it used to be so early preparation can be the key to a happy relaxing vacation. This also pertains to the four-legged members of the family. Whether you are going across town or across the country, it may not be feasible to take your loving dog with you. And asking a friend or neighbor gets tricky because chances are they have plans for the the warm months too too. This is where dog boarding becomes the best solution.

Boarding Your Dog?

Dog Boarding has come a long way in recent years and it can be a healthy and fun experience for your dog.  Boarding facilities, like DoGoneFun in Chicago, understand how difficult it may be to leave your dog for any amount of time.  But they also know the benefits of professional dog boarding far outweigh the risks of leaving your pet home or attempting to travel with them.  Dogs are not that much different from people when it comes to adapting to change – some handle it well and others, well, not so well!  So when you think your dog would just love to travel to a faraway place, you might want to think again.  And, if the thought of leaving him home alone just to have a stranger pop in to feed him and let him out only when needed is too much to bear, then maybe it’s time to explore dog boarding.   Here are some benefits of dog boarding to think about:

  • Safety

Whether you are contemplating taking your dog with you or leaving him home, safety should always be the first concern.  Traveling in a car always poses the risk of him getting out during a stop and the results of that could be devastating.  Boarding your dog eliminates the stress of worrying they may run away or worse, get injured.  Safety is the number one priority at professional dog boarding facilities.

  • Medications

Some dogs require medication.  If you leave your dog in the care of a friend, even the most trustworthy, you’ll never really know if they are giving the medication properly. The dog boarding staff is trained to administer medication and they will ensure the medication is given in proper doses and in accordance with the vet’s instructions.  So you can enjoy your vacation knowing they are in good hands.

  • Diet and Exercise

The stress from any kind of change may cause your dog to not eat for a while.  While in most cases this behavior is temporary, sometimes it can last too long and become a health concern.  The staff is always there to make sure your dog is eating properly and is hydrated.  There is also a lot of playtime so they get good exercise and maintain a healthy appetite.

So go ahead and make those plans to see the world! You can relax and enjoy your family and friends knowing your dog is having a good time too!  Stop by DoGoneFun today and the staff will be happy to show you all the benefits of this amazing dog boarding facility as well as all the other services they provide.  Your dog will love you for it!

Reserve a dog boarding spot now, while you’re making the travel arrangements!