Discovering the best dog kennels for your pet

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When you’re looking into having your dog stay at a kennel for a bit while you’re away, it’s important to find one that you feel comfortable with. Keep in mind that you’re leaving your dog in someone else’s care, so you should make sure that the place you choose is the best available. The following tips can help you find the right kennel for your dog.

Visit the Kennel

Don’t rely on reading about it online or asking questions over the phone. Going to the kennel in person is important in order for you to evaluate the overall condition of the place and see how staff members handle the dogs in their care. When you visit, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have or bring up anything that concerns you. The staff at the kennel should be willing to provide you with the information you need and take you around the place to let you see the kennels and outdoor area or play area.

Check Staff Availability

Not all dog kennels have a staff member on site around the clock. Some only have a staff member come in a couple of times per day to walk and feed the dogs. Having at least one staff member around at all times helps ensure that prompt action is taken if an emergency occurs, such as a fire or medical issue. You should also ask how staff members handle medical emergencies. Many kennels arrange to have dogs taken to the nearest animal hospital and contact the owner right away.

Make Sure It’s Clean and Secure

The kennel you choose for your dog should be kept clean to lower the risk of illness. Cleaning helps get rid of germs that can make dogs sick, such as viruses that cause kennel cough. The dog kennel your pet stays in should also have secure gates or fences that dogs can’t get out of. This helps prevent your dog from getting lost. All dogs in the kennel should have access to fresh water at all times.

Look Into Amenities

If you want your dog to do more than stay in a kennel while you’re away, look for facilities that offer play sessions and other amenities. Some offer one-on-one playtime with a staff member to keep your dog entertained, while others have special grooming services available if you want your dog to be pampered.