Choosing Good Local Dog Boarding

dog boarding dog

If you need to go away and can’t take your dog with you, don’t worry. Boarding facilities provide a place for your dog to stay and be looked after by caring professionals. How do you know which local dog boarding facility is the best one to choose, though? Paying attention to the following factors can help you pick the right boarding facility for your pup.

What Are the Staff Members Like?

A good boarding facility has staff members who have training and plenty of experience working with dogs. They should be able to address any behavioral issues that come up and make dogs feel comfortable while boarding.

Do Dogs Get to Play?

Your dog can become bored or stressed easily if she’s kept in a kennel most of the time, especially if she has a lot of energy. Look for a local dog boarding facility that has play areas for dogs to get some physical activity instead of being cooped up all the time. Just make sure that playtime is supervised by a staff member.

Is the Facility Clean?

The boarding facility you choose should be regularly cleaned and disinfected. This helps prevent the spread of disease from one dog to another, which reduces your dog’s risk of coming home with kennel cough or another illness.

How Are Medical Issues Handled?

If your dog takes medication or needs special care due to a medical condition, choose a boarding facility that can accommodate her. Some boarding facilities charge for administration of drugs (but not DoGone Fun!), so inquire to make sure you will not be racking up expenses just so your dog gets her medication. You should also ask about the facilities protocols if your dog becomes ill gets injured while there. Make sure you know how they will react in the event of an emergency. Let staff know that they can take your dog to the nearest animal hospital if it’s an emergency.

Is Someone There All the Time?

Don’t assume that a staff member is on-site at all times. Some boarding facilities only have staff around at certain times. Look for a local boarding facility that has at least one staff member around all the time in case of emergencies.

What Other Services Are Offered?

Some boarding facilities offer additional services, such as obedience training or grooming. Some even have aromatherapy and massages to help keep dogs calm. If your dog could use some work on following commands or if she could use some paw care or a bath, sign up for these services while she’s boarding.