Boarding a Dog With Special Needs

<boarding dogFinding a place to care for your dog while you’re away can be challenging if she has diabetes, arthritis or another medical condition. You’ll need to make sure that your dog will have someone available to give her medication or provide her with any other special care she needs. If your dog’s condition puts her at risk for developing complications, it’s also important to find a place that will be able to ensure that she gets prompt medical care if needed. When choosing a dog boarding facility, look for the following factors.

Trained Staff

Not every boarding place has staff that are trained to provide for a special needs dog, such as administering insulin injections to a diabetic dog or giving medication to a dog with another chronic condition. At DoGone Fun, our staff know how to handle special care for dogs with medical conditions. When you leave your dog at our facility while traveling, you can rest assured that she’ll receive the care she needs. We’ll keep a record of any medications, injections or other types of special care that are given while your dog boards with us.

Veterinary Care

Some medical conditions make dogs more likely to suffer from complications that require prompt veterinary care. The dog boarding facility your dog stays at should have arrangements in place to ensure that your dog can be seen by a vet or taken to the closest animal hospital in an emergency. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely need to give the boarding facility permission for this ahead of time.

At DoGone Fun, we’ll bring your dog to a veterinary clinic that’s close to our facility during their normal business hours for non-emergency medical care. If your dog does have a medical emergency, we have 24-hour, on-call vet support available. We can also take your dog to the closest emergency animal hospital for immediate care. We also have a staff member here at all times, so any medical problems that occur are caught as quickly as possible, even during the night.

When your pet stays at our dog boarding facility, you don’t have to worry about her care. We’ll make sure she receives the special care she needs and see that she gets veterinary care promptly if needed. All you have to do is let us know about your dog’s medical condition and leave us with special care instructions.