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Andy Sawicki

Andy has been working with dogs his whole life, starting with his childhood German Shepherd that his father rescued when he was 7 years old.  In his free time Andy independently rescues dogs all across the Chicago area.  Last year he rescued 43 dogs.  His extensive experience training and rescuing dogs off the streets has merged in a way where he has developed a sixth sense in reading canine body language as well as correcting problem behaviors very efficiently.  Andy resides in the suburbs with his three rescue dogs:  Ava, Hailie and Kaner.

Andy will be leading a variety of group classes which will include obedience training, how to handle a reactive dog, leash manners, puppy classes and even agility training.  In addition to offering classes in a group setting, he will also be available for private one-on-one sessions at our facility or in your home.

Andy’s first classes will begin the week of February 24th:

Tuesday 2/25 – 7:00:    6 week Puppy Class              $250

Thursday 2/27 – 7:00:   6 week Basic Obedience     $250

Saturday 2/29 – 10:00:   6 week Agility Class            $250

Andy has briefly worked with a few dogs on our playlot and our staff has been impressed with how effectively he is able to correct problem behaviors with some very simple techniques.

If you are interested in enrolling, contact our front desk to enroll.  312-765-9364 or info@   If you have specific questions about the class, you can call mid-day for Andy.  If he’s working with a dog, leave a message and he will return your call.