A Day Of Doggy Day Care

A Day Of Doggy DayCare


Every dog has their daily doggy day carehabits at home. They also have habits and routines at doggy daycare. At DoGone Fun! This might be what a typical day would be like for your darling.

  • Our play lot attendant meets your dog when you drop them off after 7. It’s never a drop and dash, we want your dog to feel at home playing fetch, romping with the other dogs or just relaxing.
  • At 8 a.m our boarding dogs have breakfast. Some of our daycare pups also get breakfast if that’s part of their daily routine.
    Out they go after breakfast, back to playing ball and chasing tails.
  • Some of our dogs go to “Ivy League” for several short dog training sessions throughout the day. We have found that this is a very effective way to implement training rather than in one-hour sessions.
  • Noon….lunch is served for those daycare and boarding dogs that require a lunch.
  • Naps! Yes, we provide a time for the dogs to rest. This is really important for dogs that are in our care more than 6.5 hours. Often times they are overstimulated with everything going on that they need a little quiet time.
  • Bath time in the afternoon. If you schedule a groom or bath for your dog in daycare, we try to schedule this in the mid-afternoon so they’ll be nice and clean when you pick them up.
  • Dinner is served between 5pm and 6pm for those dogs boarding with us and those in daycare that are getting an evening meal.
  • Off we go to home with our people

All of our services are available to our daycare dogs.
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